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True North is a mentoring and activity based project for young men aged 10-14 who have been witness to, or victims of, domestic violence within their family home and are now struggling with life choices.

True North aims to offer these young people glimpses of a different, more positive path, through regular one to one meetings with an upbeat and motivated mentor.

To find out more about this opportunity, go to our website:

They are seeking male, mentor well-being coaches of any age to work with vulnerable young men aged 10-14 for a minimum of just a few hours a week – more if they are able.  

Whilst at this stage there are only volunteer posts available, for an unemployed person looking for a role following a career break, it will offer them experience of recruitment processes and the responsibilities involved in being employed in a professional role. We treat our volunteers like paid staff and our charity has a number of community projects: if they have an aptitude for work with people, they will be in just the right place to apply for any paid roles which are advertised, including internal applicant only posts. 

Mentoring others also gives you the opportunity to develop your own confidence, alongside valuable leadership and communication skills. Successful applicants will also receive a bundle of free and useful employment-based training, including professional mentor training from one of the UK’s top mentoring experts, Mostyn Richards. Mostyn is a former Welsh Rugby Union Elite Performance Manager, the current University of South Wales Mentoring Programme Coordinator and he has a wealth of experience in sport, education, business and life.

For further information, contact Sanchia Hylton-Smith:
Tel: 07966 993198