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Developing my Workforce

You’ve got a great team – now, what’s next? This section of the website provides links to organisations that can help you train your team and develop their skills.

This section will help you to navigate the great range of support that is on offer in and around Exeter for you to develop your workforce, helping your staff to improve their skills, raise productivity and for your business to be more successful.

If your business is a small or medium sized enterprise, then The Skills Support for the Workforce Programme can provide access to fully funded training for your staff.

Skills Support for the Workforce provides recognised accredited qualifications and bespoke training courses to enhance employees’ skills, increase the competitiveness of your business and boost the local economy. The training is designed to meet skills gaps within local businesses and create learning pathways for employees to progress within their organisation. 

As the programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) the training can be accessed at no cost to your business. 

There is a wide range of training on offer such as IT, leadership and management, as well as vocationally-relevant courses targeting specific areas of improvement. The programme is tailored to your business, so the training programme will be relevant to your needs. 

Benefits of the training include increased productivity and improved profitability, a highly skilled workforce delivering quality outputs for your customers, improved staff satisfaction and motivation reducing staff turnover, a wider appeal to new recruits, and a more competitive advantage in your marketplace. 

For more information please contact Kirsty Mottram, Partnership Coordinator, / 0771 819 3665 or visit our website

Devon SMART SKILLS Hub: Our experienced and talented SMART SKILLS Advisors are on hand to guide you through the skills and training options available to your business and link you with the relevant training options for your organisation. Help is also available for unemployed people to gain new skills!

SMART SKILLS Devon is delivered through our SMART Partners, City College Plymouth, Focus Training, Learn Devon, Petroc, South Devon College and the University of Exeter. SMART SKILLS Partners offer a range of flexible training solutions from short courses through to full higher-level qualifications. Focusing on, although not limited to, the following sectors:

  • Marine
  • Digital Technologies (including AI and Data Analysis)
  • Composite
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Environmental Futures, Clean Growth and Renewables
  • Construction & Hospitality (Leadership & Management)
  • Generic Leadership and Management
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing)
  • Demand Led

Training Providers


Business Coaches


Leadership and management training


Training Providers

There are a number of training providers based in and around Exeter that offer a vast range of courses and programmes to develop the skills of individuals and support businesses.

Our directory of training providers is available below.

To support you to find the right training provider for your business, we recommend contacting The Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network, they are a not-for-profit organisation with more than 40 members across Devon and Cornwall. They can provide you with impartial information & advice on post-16 education, training & skills from Apprenticeships to Leadership and Management, from Entry Level through to Degree Level, from accredited to non-accredited training, and everything in between – their members have it covered!


Business Coaches

You may find that support from a coach is the best way to be supported to develop your business, yourself and members of your team.

There are a variety of different things to consider when you are selecting a coach, these include;

We would advise that you undertake thorough research to ensure that the coach you select will be able to meet your needs.


Leadership and Management

Continuing to develop the leaders and managers within your business will help to drive forward the growth and success of your business.

There are a number of the Training Providers listed above that offer a variety of Leadership and Management training courses.

Things to consider when you are selecting leadership and management training for your workforce;

  • Do you want them to gain an accredited qualification? if so, the following are highly regarding awarding bodies;
  • Are there any particular aspects of management that you want to focus on – if so, can you select short courses or modules from a training provider?
  • How do people study? in person, distance learning, in the workplace? and what is best suited to the business and the members of staff undertaking the training?
  • Do you want the training to be bespoke to your organisation? so, consider how flexible the training provider or consultant is that is offering the training, what experience do they have of doing this previously?
  • what reviews and recommendations does the provider or consultant have? Do they have a track record of working with other businesses in your area or business sector?

The University of Exeter offer a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship, you can find out more here;

and Exeter College have a range of leadership programmes, find out more here.

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