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Exeter Works doors will be closing on 31 March, but you will still be able to get support and guidance on our website. The Youth Hub will open the doors to its new home in Exeter Library from 3 April.

As part of South West Association of Training Providers, Swatpro Academy is an alternative to national training companies and colleges because the service and what we provide is local, personal and individualised to meet the needs of both employers and their employees.

Our employers within the Hospitality and Catering Sector include 4 star hotels, care homes, schools and independent sole traders who run a local café or pub and only employ a handful of staff and within the Digital, Engineering and Business Skills Sector both public and private businesses, large and small.

Below are 3 case studies of learners we have working on apprenticeships within the hospitality and catering industry within the Exeter area. 

Annie’s Apprenticeship has help her grow in confidence

Annie started her apprenticeship in January 2020, doing Hospitality Team Member in Food & Beverage service at the Boatyard Café and Bakery.

She was already working parttime helping in the café when her employer, Emma Parkin, approached her with the idea of undertaking an apprenticeship, getting training on the job, and starting her career in Hospitality. Annie, keenly, agreed that this was a good choice for her.

Annie is a young lady that has had to contend with personal problems along the way and was quite a shy girl at the start of her apprenticeship. Working closely with Annie and her employer has seen her grow and overcome many obstacles. Annie has grown in confidence, she talks more openly, she will offer her opinions and contributes well in the workplace. Annie’s colleagues and employer have seen such an improvement in her social skills and work ethic.

Annie has been fortunate to only have been furloughed once during this pandemic. Annie’s employer recognised the importance that keeping Annie working was best for her wellbeing.

She enjoys learning and what we cover in the standard has given her great insight into the Hospitality Industry, she is eager to complete her level 2 and then go on to do the level 3 Hospitality Supervisor Standard.

Jake’s Apprenticeship has helped him see the importance of career development

Jake started his apprenticeship in January 2020, doing Level 2 Production Chef at The Kitchen, Combe Garden Centre, Honiton.

Jake is a keen chef in the home kitchen, so when his position at The Kitchen enabled him to do an apprenticeship as a Production Chef arose, he jumped at the chance.

As Jake has progressed through his apprenticeship it has see his skills and knowledge blossom, he is lucky to work under a great chef who takes Jake’s learning seriously. Jake has been given more responsibility over time and has seen many of his ideas added to menu. Putting in place documentation and checklists that he has learnt about in our lessons.

Jake is a young man eager for knowledge and soaks up information like a sponge, he is very mature and understands the importance of career development and where he aims to be in the future

Jake is keen to progress and do the Level 3 Chef de Partie standard on completion of this apprenticeship.

Tom’s apprenticeship is a Caribbean dream!

“Ticking all the boxes for a great hospitality manager,” is how Swatpro Academy’s trainer Jen Scott describes apprentice Tom Dale.

Tom works in the Exeter branch of the national chain Turtle Bay and is studying for level 4 apprenticeship as a Hospitality Manager with Academy.

Management techniques, the human resource best practice, financial skills, health & safety compliance, and marketing knowhow is just a part of what Tom is learning.

The later part of 2020 saw Tom having to step up to the role of senior manager on site at the popular restaurant bar.

His rapid promotion came as no surprise to me. “He’s definitely general manager material. It is a pleasure to observe him at work. See how he is able to handle situations, using the skills this apprenticeship has given him,”

Tom’s apprenticeship began when he was working in a smaller Exeter café, but on moving to Turtle Bay he was keen to continue the course.

The Caribbean-themed chain had not worked with Academy before but were impressed with their bespoke approach – tailoring courses to suit both learners and employers’ requirements.

After taking some time out to learn the ropes at Turtle Bay, Tom’s apprenticeship continued – despite his having to take on the responsibility of running the site, when two colleagues left the business.

“He’s a really nice guy and I’m pleased to say he took the opportunity handed to him with both hands and is now on the route towards being made a general manager by his employer,” Jen explains.

Lockdown offered both apprentice and tutor time to really get to grips with lots of coursework without the distractions of a busy restaurant.

“It shows what this apprenticeship can do. It’s more than just a bit of paper, it gives you the real world skills you need to have a successful career in hospitality,” Jen concludes.