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SunGift Solar

By November 23, 2022November 25th, 2022No Comments

Almost 20 years ago Gabriel Wondrausch had a dream – to save the planet through the development of clean energy.

And he aimed to fulfil that dream, by establishing SunGift Solar – in the days before solar power was mainstream.

Today, SunGift Solar is an award-winning domestic and commercial renewable energy installer, based just outside of Exeter in Huxham. The company specialises in solar PV, electric vehicle chargers and solar storage. And it’s on a mission to create a greener future.

SunGift has a small but mighty team of 50 employees, who have installed thousands of systems in businesses and people’s homes.

The team may be based in Exeter, but their efforts radiate globally, as they strive towards a carbon-neutral future.

Wonder what it’s like to work at SunGift?

Charlotte is a Marketing Executive and has worked at SunGift for almost a year. She’s passionate about carbon neutrality and a greener future and has not only thrived in her role but learnt so much about the industry too.

The best bit of her job? Charlotte said: “It’s so rewarding. When you hear how much people have saved on their energy bills (particularly those in social housing), it shows that our work is more important now than ever. Working in solar is also a huge source of pride for me, as I believe in our mission and our core values as a business. To save the planet, one system at a time.”

It’s a similar story for Fraser, who works as an Apprentice Electrician at SunGift. His day is full of variety: from small domestic arrays to large-scale commercial projects. And because the industry is fairly modern, there are always new things to learn, which means there’s never a dull day.

Fraser told us: “I work in solar because it is fulfilling work. You’re making a difference to people’s lives and futures.I enjoy getting to meet our clients and customers and see first-hand how pleased they are with our work. It’s great to work in a growth industry, where there are such good future prospects. Another great advantage for me is the fact that I get to travel to loads of new places!”

Want to work at SunGift?

There are many opportunities to work for SunGift. With so many people wanting to install PV on their homes, SunGift can find it difficult to keep up with demand and are keen to expand their team. The future is bright for both the company, employees and potential employees, with more opportunities arising for candidates who care about renewable energy and a quality approach.

It would be easy to assume that the solar industry is a niche one, where you need extensive experience in the renewable energy sector – but that couldn’t be further from the truth as SunGift are happy to train up their experts.

For many roles at SunGift, as long as a candidate has a passion for renewable energy, is keen to learn, and is enthusiastic about adopting SunGift’s rigorous approach to quality, they’re interested.

SunGift look for varying levels of experience – dependent on the role. For the more senior or technical designers, engineers, or electricians, they would understandably be most interested in candidates with a relevant degree / qualification and experience.

However, many of the staff at SunGift have started with no understanding of solar, but radiate enthusiasm for protecting the environment. Many of its roofers often begin as apprentices, and are guided by other team members who have years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge to pass on.

For more senior jobs, relevant degrees and qualifications are desirable for roles like technical designers, engineers, or electricians.

But don’t just take our word for it. Charlotte and Fraser have some tips to help you land a job.

For Fraser, it’s about swotting up. “Stay up to date with current ways of using and installing renewable energy – there are plenty of resources out there! A lot of renewable energy companies will be busy at the moment, so be patient when waiting for a response to an application or email, as polite and tactful persistence can pay-off. A willingness to learn and adapt is also essential, due to the ever-changing nature of the industry.”

Charlotte’s main tip promotes proactivity and enthusiasm. “The industry is growing so quickly at the moment, and sourcing talented staff is a top priority. Don’t be afraid to make contact and introduce yourself.”

Exeter Works can help you to find a role in this sector. Get in touch with our team today for a free career consultation. Whether it’s help with writing your CV, interview skills, job searches or swotting up for that next qualification, we’re here to help you. Get in touch –