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After such a difficult year for so many of us, this mental health awareness week seems like a great opportunity to take stock, and to make sure that we are all looking after our mental, as well as our physical health.

Exeter Works caught up with the team at Wellbeing Exeter to find out how they might help those people dealing with stress in the workplace.

They told us: “One part of the Wellbeing Exeter programme is Community Connecting which supports individuals, families and young people across the city. It recognises the physical and mental health benefits of social connectivity and community participation.”

The organisation has a team of Community Connectors on hand to help people in the city to connect with others.

Community Connectors apply the Five Ways to Wellbeing approach to their work which can be as relevant to achieving a healthy relationship with the workplace as it can be to achieving the same in personal relationships.

The team told us: “Connecting, learning, staying active, taking notice and giving can all contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing and can be built into daily schedules, in both large and small ways.”

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier, more caring society, and is a popular resource for Wellbeing Exeter. It offers easy-to-apply tips for improving wellbeing along with engaging events to encourage practical action.

To find out more about Wellbeing Exeter, go to: And to talk to somebody about job vacancies, training opportunities and generally trying to figure out what to do next, go to: