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Enrolling on a degree apprenticeship funded by the Apprenticeship Levy is a no-brainer for all involved. But you’ll still need to convince your boss, so as the deadline for 2020 applications looms here is how to do that:

The Degree Apprenticeship scheme

As a Degree Apprentice, you will maintain full-time employment but spend 20 per cent of your working hours studying on the programme.

Your time is spent in face-to-face teaching at the university, online learning, and work-based projects. There are two or three on campus days four times each year, and weekly distance learning assignments compromising online classes and workshops, interactive exercises, and recorded lectures.

The benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship

You will develop your skills from your chosen Degree programme, enabling you to contribute fully to the long-term success of your organisation.

You’ll graduate with a degree from a prestigious Russell Group university, a degree apprenticeship and a multitude of new skills to advance your career… all paid for by your employer.

All you have to do is convince your boss!

How to convince your boss

If your employer pays the Apprenticeship Levy, they’ve already paid for your apprenticeship!

If you’re not sure whether they do, here’s how to find out

What does this mean for you?

It means that you don’t have to convince your boss to spend their budget on the apprenticeship. It’s already paid for. It also means that the degree apprenticeship should be just as appealing to them as it is to you.

But your manager will likely want to know that it benefits them (and the company) as well.

How your employer benefits

  • The programme has been designed to reflect the needs of the learner and the employer. You won’t need to be released for a full day during the week and you can continue to fulfil your current role.
  • Your employer can work with the University degree apprenticeship team to get support for recruitment, education, and administration related to the apprenticeship.
  • During the apprenticeship, you will work with your boss to identify a project that directly benefits the company, so they’ll get an immediate return on their investment in your new skills.
  • You’ll develop new knowledge, skills, and ideas that make you a more effective manager and leader.