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Case study: Tom Churchward – Stratton Creber

To celebrate September’s Festival of Learning, we’ve been searching for stories of those in Exeter who have undertaken adult learning opportunities.

Exeter Works caught up with Tom Churchward, a surveyor at Stratton Creber.

Having been working within the commercial property industry for six years, Torquay native Tom had been based at Exeter firm Stratton Creber for only six months when he decided to undertake a short course by distance learning, focused on property flood resilience.

Tom’s university degree had a lot of environmental content and he’d always been interested in the subject area, but with ongoing climate change concerns he knew that it would be an important subject to update his knowledge as he develops in his role. Whilst Tom is still doing the course (part of which was delayed due to COVID), he says that he’s found it to be a fascinating programme which will provide great support to him as he continues his training as a surveyor.

But what about the workload?

Tom says: “I would say it is a great example of a light course that is manageable whilst working and encourages people to widen their field of knowledge and learn some methods of direct action on flood resilience.

“Learning in any field should be continuous to develop your knowledge base as an individual and potentially assist you in your professional role, where relevant.”

Tom says that his employers supported him with time off to attend the sessions which has been a great help.
As for advice to anybody else considering an adult learning qualification, Tom would recommend it wholeheartedly:

“It is the best thing to do. Not just for career progression but also for self-confidence and personal growth.”

Exeter Works is here to help you. If Tom’s story has inspired you to seek a new learning or job opportunity, get in touch with our advisers today on