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Exeter Works doors will be closing on 31 March, but you will still be able to get support and guidance on our website. The Youth Hub will open the doors to its new home in Exeter Library from 3 April.

Mitie is seeking your support to fill their vacancies for Community Testing Operatives, supporting their covid-19 testing centres.

Excitingly, jobcentre claimants are first in line for these roles!

Who can apply?  
Mitie looking for candidates who are:
Happy to work at a COVID-19 asymptomatic Testing Centre
Have good written and verbal communication skills
Have and excellent customer facing skills
Experience of working with members of the public
Flexible and positive attitude
Team player
Immediately available  

There are a few screening criteria that applicants will need to apply:
Must be aged 18 or over
Must not be clinically vulnerable
DBS checks required
Customer service skills
Good personal hygiene
Must be able to provide original documentation for Right To Work  

For Jobseekers with an SIA licence
Mitie are keen to recruit those with an SIA licence for their security roles. Jobseekers with an SIA just need to add this on their application form in the “comments for manager” section.  
These are bank roles – jobseekers will be contacted when a request for support comes through to Mitie. Mitie are unable to confirm hours, locations, shift patterns, length of contract at point of application. But when a role becomes available, the applicant will be informed of hours and shift patterns available.  

How do jobseekers apply?  
Applications are made via their talent pool portal. Jobseekers need to enter a few details about themselves and upload their CV. Here’s the link to apply, it can also be found on the attachment which can be sent to jobseekers.  

Please ensure jobseekers put down their location on their applications and attach CVs. Recruitment team will not contact those who submit applications without this information!  

Please let jobseekers know they have been referred through a Foundation partner and to click “yes” to this question before submitting their application. If jobseekers write in “comments to manager” which provider they have been referred by, Mitie can track outcomes for you.  

Employer advisors and work coaches: You may want to send a journal message with the suggested wording to appropriate jobseekers:  
Are you looking to use your skills to make a difference? Mitie are recruiting for a range of roles in their COVID-19 Community Testing Centres. And these jobs are only available to jobcentres!   Mitie are looking for people who are: happy to work at a COVID-19 asymptomatic Testing Centre have good written and verbal communication skills have excellent customer facing skills experience of working with members of the public flexible and positive attitude team player immediately available   If you would like more information, please reply to this journal message with a “yes” and I will send you an email with a link to the vacancies and how to apply. 
If the jobseeker is interested and agrees to be contacted with more information, send them an email with the attachment included in this email.  

Twitter For District twitter accounts, any tweets and images will be available in the Hootsuite library of @JCPJobsPlusMore.  

What’s the next step? Share this email with your jobcentre colleagues   Please don’t forward this email to jobseekers or external parties. The attachment can be sent externally, but to jobseekers only (not organisations or partners). Unfortunately Mitie are unable to provide feedback on individual applications.  

We want to hear from you! We’re especially keen to hear your feedback on this offer or any success stories. You can leave a comment on the Employer and Partner Intranet Group or send an email to Raj Sandhu.   For more information about our work with Mitie please see the Mitie Account Summary on the Employers & Partners Knowledge Hub.