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Exeter Works doors will be closing on 31 March, but you will still be able to get support and guidance on our website. The Youth Hub will open the doors to its new home in Exeter Library from 3 April.

With an aging population, there is a need for businesses to ensure that their workforce is diverse and
representative of the wider population. It’s important for business, for customers, for the workplace, and
in many cases is proven to make for a happier workforce.

Friday 11 June is ‘Champion Age Diversity Day’ and we’re proud to support by sharing details of a free,
online event. There is great keynote speaker, followed by an expert panel, and all you need to do to attend
is sign up. It’s all free, as we have great support from the likes of Elsevier, Barclays, Hansuke and others.

Find out more about this brilliant event, and sign up to attend, here:

View the flyer here.