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Exeter Works doors will be closing on 31 March, but you will still be able to get support and guidance on our website. The Youth Hub will open the doors to its new home in Exeter Library from 3 April.

DEMO LOUNGE IS where anyone from the regional business community can apply to present their business idea and get supportive advice, ideas and feedback from our friendly audience in return.

Register for this event if you:

  • WANT TO PITCH your early stage business idea, or
  • WANT TO SUPPORT those with the bright ideas by being part of the audience, sharing your valuable advice and suggestions to help budding entrepreneurs.

So, you want to pitch? To apply, all you need to do is to register and to prepare a short 5 minute outline of your idea.

  • Never pitched before? Not a problem – just let us know in advance and we can help you!
  • Not sure if you dare to share? Maybe you can join the audience this time and pitch at a future DEMO LOUNGE event?

DEMO LOUNGE is co-hosted by The University of Exeter’s Student Start-ups team and SETsquared Exeter. This is how it works:

  1. Register online (either to watch or present)
  2. Join our Zoom call
  3. Either listen to early stage ideas or tell us about your business idea in under 5 minutes.
  4. Listen to friendly expert feedback
  5. Engage with your community