Exeter City Council

Services for Businesses

Exeter City Council do not provide a dedicate business advisor service for businesses, unless it is related to one of the services that we provide (please see below). We are always happy to support you to find the right person to help you. We may also from time to time offer dedicated support on a specific topic. This will be promoted across our social media channels and in our business newsletter.

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Exeter City Council Departments


The City Council Licensing department can provide advice on whether your business will need an appropriate license in order to operate, e.g. taxis, alcohol and entertainment. Please check the detailed information available here; https://exeter.gov.uk/licensing/

Food Businesses

If you are setting up, taking over or already operating a food business in Exeter, then you need to register and our environmental health team is available to support you; https://exeter.gov.uk/clean-safe-city/environmental-health/register-a-food-business/

There is advice on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme here; https://exeter.gov.uk/clean-safe-city/environmental-health/food-hygiene-rating-scheme/

Health and Safety

Information relating to Health and Safety visits can be found here; https://exeter.gov.uk/clean-safe-city/health-and-safety/health-and-safety-visits/

Property and Planning

You may need to obtain planning permission in relation to your business premises, more information on our planning department available here; https://exeter.gov.uk/planning-services/

If you are looking for suitable property for your business, you can search here 

Business Rates

To find out more about business rates, please visit; https://exeter.gov.uk/business/business-rates/business-rates-explained/


Devon County Council

Devon County Council are involved in delivering a number of business support projects and initiatives, the most up to date information on what is available can be found here; https://www.devon.gov.uk/economy/business-support/

Government Advice

The Government regularly publish information and updates for businesses, you can sign up for alerts relevant to your business on the www.gov.uk website.