Neurodiversity inclusion and better life outcomes for autistic people are our core business.

WayMakers is a Community Interest Company based in North Devon, with expertise in supporting autistic people, and in supporting organisations on their journey towards inclusion of autistic staff, clients and customers.

We deliver:

• Person-centred strategy coaching for autistic and/or anxious* people age 14+: our coaching is strengths-based and solution-focused, empowering coachees to take their next steps in life;
• Transitions support at key junctures in life: this includes preparation for entry into education, training and work, onboarding and induction support;
• Job coaching: this includes strategy coaching for those facing barriers at work, and those on performance action plans;
• Autism training for employers, line managers and health and care professionals to develop their understanding of autism and grow their ability to support the neurodiverse communities in which they work.

[*a formal diagnosis is not required for people to access our services.]